Benefits of building in Steel

Combining the benefits of modern cold-rolled steel framing with innovative design & precision engineering, MFC have the most steel-efficient framing system on the market. Our in house MFC rolling machines convert light gauge galvanized steel into cold-rolled steel frame components. They are available in single sections or pre-assembled frames and can easily be manufactured to suit our customers individual needs.

Our MFC system and offsite manufacturing methodology offers many benefits over traditional forms of construction, not least the fact that steel is recyclable. Most steel manufactured today contains 66% recycled content. Steel recycling saves energy equivalent to electrically powering one fifth of Irish Households each year.
MFC Framing is precision engineered using the latest in software technology to provide excellent accuracy and  incorporating a full design checking service. This process is fully flexible, allowing construction details to be amended at any stage prior to manufacturing.


– Shorter build time
– Low-weight construction
– Reduced labour costs
– Superior quality
– Quick delivery
– Durability and strength
– Rapid dry envelope
– Fully recyclable, reusable and  environmentally friendly

steel frame housing estate
There are many cladding options when building with light gauge steel including:

  • brick veneer,
  • light weight concrete,
  • hebel (aerated concrete),
  • linear board,
  • tiled roofs and many other options.

Essentially any cladding used with traditional wood frame construction can be used with steel.  Also most traditional methods of cladding can be adapted to work with light gauge steel framing.


steel design

Benefits of building in Light Gauge Steel

1.  Versatility & Long Spans
Steel is 100% accurate unlike timber.

2 . Long spans open spaces
Steel allows Architects to design large
wide open living spaces.

3. Cost effectiveness
Steel is cost effective because of speed of construction and less trades are needed.

4 Won’t rot twist or crack
Unlike timber, steel does not rot, twist or crack , is galvanised and has a long life span.

5. Built of site benefits
Pre fabricated indoors – so there is no-time loss to weather.

6. Environmental
75% of steel used in light gauge steel houses is recycled.
7. Weight to strength ratio
It takes a lot less to achieve your building design.

8. BER Rated
High BER rating achieved.

9. Air tightness
Easily achieved with a steel framed

10. U values
Highest U values easily achieved with
Steel Framed systems.