Access, Use & Mobility solutions

Our builds are for everyone. We do everything we can to ensure  inclusive design practices in all of our buildings. But we also understand that everyones needs are different. That’s why our design team will work alongside you to make sure we meet all of your needs. Whether you’re building a new accessible home or a commercial space that needs to be accessible to everyone we’re here to make it happen. 

Just like with everything else we don’t aim to meet Part M accessibility regulations, we aim to exceed them. 

If you have have specific requirements for your build or you want to know how to make your space more accessible talk to our experts to arrange a consultation.

Inclusive Design

All accessibility needs can be catered for at MFC. We are able to install low or no threshold doors to a build, as well as installing ramps where necessary.  We aim not only to meet part M regulations but exceed them, to make our build not only accessible but comfortable.

Our inclusive design practices aren’t limited to mobility issues though. We have designed and built modular sensory rooms to create a safe and comfortable place for anyone who needs it. These rooms are a great addition to public spaces such as schools and large retail outlets that carry a high risk of overstimulation.

Everyone’s needs are different and we’re committed to ensuring that everyone can feel comfortable in our builds. 

Part M Compliant Bathrooms

Ensuring safe use is our top priority when we’re designing and building bathrooms.

As standard, all of our bathrooms are compliant with accessibility regulations. This means they have ample turning space for wheelchair users as well as non-slip flooring. 

All of our bathrooms make use of inclusive storage, that means that there is easy access to toiletries and essentials. We ensure clear sight lines, accessible heights and no awkward reaches or stretches.

For added accessibility options we are able to include grab bars for baths, showers, toilets, etc. We can also lower sinks and remove underneath cabinets to better suit such requirements. Showers with low to no thresholds can be easily fitted, with the added option of including a shower chair. 

Our mobility friendly bathrooms guarantee safe use for yourself and guests in private homes. In public spaces this is even more important and we are fully equipped to make sure you are meeting all accessibility regulations.

Insulation helps keep the cold out and the heat in. Our comprehensive system makes our builds airtight and highly thermally efficient. 

We offer a comprehensive range of heating systems to suit any home. Heating & ventilation systems help to keep your home clean, comfortable and safe year round. 

Build Your Vision

At Metal Frame Construction we have extensive experience with residential, commercial and public builds. So if you have a project in mind don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. 

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