MFC Light gauge steel frame systems, suppliers and experienced in the use of Eurobrick

Whether your project is a new build or refurbishment, external or internal, we have a system to suit your requirements. External new build; X-Clad and V-Clad are both lightweight and easy to handle, can be trimmed on-site and supplied in a range of thicknesses up to 100mm. P-Clad is cement particle board based and is designed to fix to battens or brackets forming a rigid external sheathing to which the brick slips are fixed.
External retrofit; X-Clad and V-Clad can be applied in any of the available thicknesses to existing structures whether solid masonry, cavity wall, precast concrete as well as existing system built structures.Internal; I-Clad is plasterboard based. The composite panels are intended to be fixed to battens or stud frames. X-Clad and V-Clad can also be used internally. All three options can provide thin profile backgrounds for safe, secure brick slip installations.

How it Works

All of our systems are suitable for projects of all sizes from larger developments to small interior fit outs. Regardless of the system used, the installation procedures follow the sequence below:

  1. Composite backer panels are fixed to the substrate. In external applications panel joints are sealed using supplied tape or adhesive.
  2. Eurobrick supplied fasteners, available for various substrates, are used for fixing.
  3. Eurobrick one part adhesive is applied to the panel.
  4. Brick slips are attached to the adhesive on backer panel between the horizontal ribs.
  5. Joints between brick slips are pointed using specially formulated Europoint mortar before being tooled and brushed down.
Please see our Installation Guides for further information.Applications for Eurobrick cladding systems are many and varied. Any situation where the traditional appearance of brickwork is required but where the weight and volume associated with conventional masonry are problematic, can be resolved with brick slips.
For over 25 years, our systems have been used extensively in modular buildings as a lightweight finish to new build, timber and steel frame structures.
Also, our cladding helps to resolve design and engineering problems such as:
  • for “flying gables” in timber frame housing above split rooflines
  • as lightweight claddings to extensions on difficult sites to finish vertical extensions where extra stories are added to existing structures whose footings cannot bear the weight of extra traditional masonry
  • as cladding to cantilevered elements, to finish balconies and parapets
  • for internal fit-outs in retail, leisure and domestic situations where space is at a premium.