Barkshire Motors NEW PREMISES Bases in Kylmore  Road in Co Dublin,

light gauge steel fream industrial exterior

Interior showing large span width in Barkshire Motors

light gauge steel industrial


Barkshire Motors NEW PREMISES Bases in Kylmore Road in Co Dublin.








industrial design

Light Gauge Steel Framed Structures (LGSF) are  based on factory made galvanized light gauge steel components. They are designed as per coded requirements, produced by a cold forming method and assembled as panels on site. They form structural steel frameworks for  varying sizes of buildings,  including, residential  industrial and commercial buildings.

The basic building elements of light gauge steel framing are cold formed sections which can be prefabricated on site using various methods of connection. The assembly is completed using special types of screws and bolts.

large spans indusrial

Foundations for light steel framing are essentially the same as for any form of construction, although dead loads applied by the light steel frame will be much lower than in the concrete or masonry construction.

Construction phases of steel buildings resembles the phases of conventional reinforced concrete buildings. The sections, manufactured as per design are numbered properly. The profiles are sent to site either as a profile or panellized parts, considering the distance of the construction site and transportation conditions. Profiles are assembled by trained assembly team at the construction site in line with the architectural plan. Only special studs are used during assembly, no welding is done. Once the assembly is done, the frame is filled with insulation materials (fiberglass, rock wool etc). Walls are then covered with standard boards or similar approved materials.

 The sequence of erection is foundation laying, fixing of tracks, fixing of wall panels with bracing as required, fixing of floor panels, fixing of roof panels, decking sheet, fixing of electrical & plumbing services and finally fixing of insulation material & walling panels.

1.  Versatility & Long Spans
Steel gives architects the freedom to achieve their most ambitious visions.
Long span steel sections enable large