Modular Construction In Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Modular Construction and the use of Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) allow for large open spaces to be constructed easily and quickly. This makes it perfect for use in commercial and industrial buildings that need a large amount of floor space to display products or for manufacturing. The versatility of the material and our building processes also means we can build projects to any specifications and rarely experience any delays or problems. 

By using a modularly constructed LGSF in your commercial property you are using a product that is naturally more eco-friendly than brick or concrete structures. This is due to a combination of our sustainable materials and also our processes producing a thermally and energy efficient product. So you will be able to keep your premises comfortable for your customers and staff year round and still keep your energy bill low.  To create even more eco-friendly premises you can add PV panels, heat pumps and more.

Just like with our residential builds our commercial and industrial builds are completely bespoke. From our initial design, we will work alongside your engineers and architects to ensure your specifications are met at every stage. This way you will be able to have confidence in your build from day one. Once it comes time to expand your business and you need a larger premises we can add on to it simply, allowing you to expand with minimal downtime. 


Benefits of Modular Construction

Low Lead Times

We know that time is sensitive for our commercial and industrial clients. Construction delays can disrupt the business plan, interrupt revenue streams and cause unnecessary downtime. 

Unfortunately, traditional building methods are susceptible to these delays. Whether it’s due to unsuitable site conditions, or long lead times on materials, construction is often completed late.

By building in factory-controlled conditions and transporting to the site we eliminate any problems with site conditions. Because we roll our steel in our facility and take advantage of the streamlined process of LGSF construction material shortages aren’t a problem either. 

We ensure that your build is completed on time so you can begin/resume trading. 


Modular construction is a more eco-friendly option for industrial and commercial buildings than traditional methods.

We are passionate about creating eco-friendly buildings.  Our production process reduces waste because components are pre-fabricated in a factory setting allowing for more precise and economical use of materials. Additionally, the materials themselves are more eco friendly with our steel being 75% recycled and fully recyclable. 

 Modular buildings are designed with energy efficiency in mind, we include high-quality insulation and energy-efficient system in our builds. Leading to comfortable and easy-to-heat structures that will lower your emissions and costs. We can make your build even more sustainable by including renewable energy options such as PV panels and energy-efficient heating systems. 

Cost Effective

One of the reasons we believe in modular construction is that it remains cost effective throughout it’s entire lifespan.

Due to the streamlined building process of Light Gauge Steel Frames, it requires fewer materials and heavy machinery. We just roll our steel on-site, form and weld it. Assembly takes place on your site, using virtually no heavy machinery. 

By assembling in factory conditions we can be more economical with our builds. This means less waste, less material and less time. All of which translates into savings for our clients. 

It isn’t just during building that our modular construction stays cost effective though. The basic structure of our builds creates high quality insulation by acting as an envelope around the steel structure. This air tightness prevents heat loss and makes our structures energy efficient. Saving you money.

Build Your Vision

At Metal Frame Construction we have extensive experience with residential, commercial and public builds. So if you have a project in mind don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. 

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