UK Epson High St London.

Renovation of 11 Contemporary style modern apartments faced with brick and plaster render using the MFC light gauge steel construction process.

Construction process

This  was a renovation project contract and the builder removed the whole internal structure . All the apartments were  built using the MFC Light gauge steel production process throughout. Using the MFC Light gauge steel production process the whole job was manufactured  in our premises in Co Meath and then transported to  London. Another benefit was the quick build time and not being disturbed by the never ending London traffic as the panels were build off site.  ByMFC Light gauge steel production process  it also allowed the builders on the lower ground floors to work whilst they were still finishing the upper ones.

Build time

5 Months form start to finish.

BER Rating

U – values the house achieved the BER rating oF A2 on completion


Triple glazed Aluclad window and doors throughout. ( Completely air tight )


Underfloor heating throughout the house using an air to water heat pump system. ( Very low energy bills ).