Heat Pumps, Radiators & Ventilation

The best way to lower energy requirements is by insulating a build well enough to feel comfortable year round. Sometimes you do need some extra help though.  We offer a range of heating solutions and cutting edge ventilation, from heat pumps to oil heating. This ensure that your build will remain comfortable and fresh even in the worst conditions.

Heating Options

We offer a number of different solutions to fit your needs in your modular build. Your choice of heating will make a big difference in your quality of life.  Affecting your energy bills, heating efficiency, carbon footprint and each require a different degree of maintenance. So it is always worth considering your heating options carefully and getting in touch with our experts to ensure you have the best solution for your build and budget. 


Oil heating systems are efficient, reliable and less expensive to install. 

However they also require a fuel storage tank and regular maintenance. This applies to the fuel lines, storage and boiler itself. Causing damage and clogging the filter. 

While the intsallation might not be as expensive as an electric system or a heat pump, oil itself is expensive and susceptilbe to price fluctuations. 

This combination of factors means oil is more expensive in the long term.  

It is also the least sustainable of our heating methods, so while we are willing to install oil systems we don’t fully recommend them. 


Gas heating is an efficient, cost effective and relatively clean and sustainable heating method. 

Gas boilers must be checked and serviced once a year by a qualified professional. In general they will encounter less problems than oil boilers though, meaning lower maintenance costs. 

Gas boilers will require a gas line to be installed. This may or may not be a problem depending on your location, but it is always worth checking to see if you are able to avail of gas

As with any fossil fuel system there is a risk of carbon monoxide with gas boilers. So builds with a gas boiler must ensure they have a correctly fitted and functional carbon monoxide alarm at all times. 


Electric Radiators offer a modern, sleek, inexpensive and safe way to heat your build. 

An electric system will likely be more expensive to install initially. However Electric Radiators also require significantly less maintenance than oil or gas heating systems. They will not need to be balanced or bled for example. 

Using this system will allow you to easily control the temperature in individual rooms. With oil or gas systems this is more difficult, often overheating smaller rooms and/or underheating larger ones. 

Electric radiators are a great way to heat any build. However, they are, especially suited to builds with smaller spaces that need to be heated seperately, such as apartments. 

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are the most sustainable method of heating we offer. 

As they work as a renewable energy source, an installed heat pump is incredibly cost efficient, and enviromentally friendly. This also means it is the only heating system that doesn’t require another renewable energy source- such as PV Panels- as per Nearly Zero Energy Building regulations. 

A unique feature of Heat Pumps compared to our other systems is that they are also capable of cooling the build. Making them more useful throughout the year and not just in colder months. 

For any client that wants to reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuel and grid power, heat pumps are a fantastic option.



An adaquate ventilation system is an essential part of making sure any build remains comfortable and safe. At MFC we don’t want to settle for adaquate though. We use state of the art ventilation systems to regulate indoor temperature, humidity and air exchange. Doing so eliminates odours, moisture and indoor pollutants. Creating a fresher, cleaner and healthier space, protected from problems such as mould growth. 

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems extract warm and humid air through ducts into a heat exchanger and pushes it outside. At the same time cool, fresh air is puller from outside through the heat exchanger and warmed. This helps to keep the building at a constant comfortable temperature. 

Heat Recovery Systems can further cut down on your energy bills and carbon footprint as they are less energy intensive than heating systems. Some systems even allow intake air to bypass the heat exchanger on warm days to keep the building comfortable even in Summer.

Heat Recovery Systems do need to be maintained on a regular basis however. This includes keeping the balance of intake and extraction right and replacing filters which have become saturated with pollutants such as pollen.

Heat Return Ventilation- Ventilation Technology

Lunos ALD

ALD Passive Ventilation System

The Lunos ALD is a passive inflow system for use in dry rooms- such as living rooms or bedrooms. 


  •  Integrated wind pressure protection.
  • Washable G2 filter with optional pollen filter.
  • 3 star-shaped silencer for excellent noise protection.
  • Volume control screen to adjust air volume (15, 20 and 25 m3/h) allowing greater comfort in various room sizes.
  • Inserted into round duct at slight gradient
  • Non-motorised means no electrical connection, ventilation is completely passive.
  • Diameter: 154mm Length 360mm

Lumos Silvento

The Lunos Silvento is a motorised extraction unit for use in wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen to extract excessive heat and moisture.


  •  Fan automatically boosts up to 60m3/h in high humidity.
  • Manual boosting option.
  • Sound insulation to ensure minimal disruption (one of the queitest fans in the world).
  • Extremely low power consumption.1.8 W at 15m3/h up to 6.2W at 60m3/h
  • IP X%
  • Decorative panel with LED filter change indicator
  • Filter easily changed abd washable (up to 10 times)
  • Surface mounted: 260x260x109mm, In-wall housing: 235x235x92mm
Lunos Silvento Motorised Extraction Fan

We are committed to fighting climate change and we offer a range of green energy solutions.

Not everyone has the same needs for a home, and all public spaces should be accessible to everyone. We offer solutions to ensure acessiblity and keep our designs inclusive as possible

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