Why Cladding Is Important

Cladding is an important aspect of any modular building. The main purpose of adding cladding -or rendering- to a building is to improve its resistance to weather. Cladding adds another layer of insulation improving heat retention and creating a more comfortable environment. It isn’t only temperature that cladding helps with though, it also offers defence from wind and rain, improving the longevity of any building. 

Aside from its main purpose cladding also offers several other benefits. Most notably it helps in soundproofing, providing a more comfortable experience, particularly in urban areas, or areas that experience a lot of traffic. Of course, this works both ways, ensuring that you can enjoy peace and privacy in your home, or reduce noise pollution from your commercial property. 

Your Aesthetic Vision

Cladding offers a way for you to better control the aesthetics of a building.  While some clients prefer to stay simple and simply add an acrylic render which will colour and protect your building. Others however prefer to add cladding as a more decorative finish (with a higher level of soundproofing and insulation). We are able to cater to everyone, carrying a large range of cladding options and premium quality acrylic render. 

The aesthetic freedom offered by these finishes allows you to match the locality of your build or to stand out from the rest. Whether you prefer the red brick look of Edwardian buildings or a more natural wooden exterior it is easily achievable without losing any of the benefits of our steel frame structure.

Types of Cladding

Acrylic Render

Acrylic Render is a durable, weather-resistant and extremely cost-effective option. You can choose from a variety of colours to suit your preferences and in the end you will have a sleek modern aesthetic you can be proud of. 

The addition of acrylic allows acrylic renders to be much more flexible than traditional renders. This means that it is much more crack resistant after application, ensuring you a long-lasting finish that can cope with thermal expansion and contraction. 

Stone Clad

Stone Clad Finish can give a home a very classic and stately look, while providing fantastic durability and weather resistance. It helps to evoke the idea of a Georgian home or manor house. This exterior is perfectly at home in the Irish countryside or in more urban settings. 

Our modular builds will allow you to have a stone clad home with a lower cost than a full stone construction and with a more energy efficient design. 

Timber Clad

Timber Cladding will give your build a warm and rustic finish. Our timber cladding is made from Canadian red cedar which is prized for it’s pest, weather and rot resistance as well as it’s attractive grain pattern and coloration. 

This finish looks exceptionally well in more rural settings, or anywhere that has a lot of greenery to play against the natural reds. It is the perfect material for smaller individual builds that want to stand out more than a rendered finish allows. 

Brick Clad

Red brick finishes will make your build look like the quintessential home. The attractive coloration and pattern provides a pleasing aesthetic in every environment, rural, urban or suburban. Red brick has been a popular choice for exteriors since the 1700’s and it remains an elegant option to this day. To update the appearance into a more modern ideal the brick finish can easily be painted to match your preferred aesthetic. 

This option will give you an attractive and distinctive build without the cost of a full brick build. 

Light Gauge Steel provides us with unbeatable design flexibility, sustainability and reliability. 

We are committed to fighting climate change and we offer a range of green energy solutions

Build Your Vision

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