High quality insulation is the cornerstone to our thermal efficiency and sustainability strategy. By using the most comprehensive and advanced insulation system possible we are able to protect our builds from temperature fluctuations and noise pollution. Because of this our buildings come with a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K as standard which is easily improved by client request. 

Why Insulation Is Important

Temperature Regulation

This is the use most of us are familiar with. High quality insulation keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

By providing a barrier to the outdoor temperature a building can be kept at a consistent temperature without any other system in place. Ensuring a comfortable environment for yourself and others. 

Noise Reduction

This is a sometimes overlooked benefit, but insulating your building drastically reduces the level of noise pollution both inside and outside. 

This is a particularly important benefit in urban area or on industrial builds that produce a lot of noise. Protecting the ecology and population of an area, while keeping the occupants comfortable even in busy areas. 

Energy Saving

The best way to save energy is to reducereliance on mechanical heating methods. Even the most efficient heat pump uses some energy. 

Because insulating your building provides passive temperature regulation there is no need to use any energy to stay comfortble.  This allows you to reduce both your energy bills and you carbon footprint. 

How We Insulate Your Build

We offer a comprehensive system  to protect against cold, heat and noise. If you require greater levels of insulation we are more than happy to accommodate you. We can make your build as insulated as you like and we’re always ready advise you on what we feel you need. 

Stone Wool Insulation

Stone Wool provides fantastic insulation. It is made of volcanic rock and offers a high level of protection from heat loss, noise pollution and pests, as well as fire resistance. 

While Stone Wool isn’t biodegradable it is an important way that we take part in the circular economy. The manufacture of rock wool turns the slag from the steel and iron industries into a useable product. 

Stone Wool manufacturing process makes it more expensive than similar forms of insulation, but the thermal efficiency more than makes up for the cost over time. 

EPS Insulation

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) forms the outer layer of our system. It is a lightweight and durable material with high insulation values and great water resistance. 

Due to it’s structure being composed mostly of air it offer a very low thermal conductivity. This leads to much higher energy savings than traditional building materials, such as bricks and mortar.

Due to its workability EPS is an incredibly versatile building material suitable in applications as diverse as, homes, retails outlets, industrial buildings and hotels. 

Double Or Triple Glazed Windows

All of our builds come with an option of double or triple glazed windows. Windows play a key role in insulating a build, allowing for a trasfer of heat into the building, and reducing heat loss once it’s in. 

As you might expect triple glazed windows offer higher performance than double glazed windows. This includes reducing heat loss by up to 30% and reducing noise up to 40DB. 

Triple glazed windows are also more costly and heavier however. Which you choose will depend on a number of factors, your budget, local noise levels, even the window aspect. Get in touch with our experts to discuss which option is best for you.

Air Tightness Membrane

Modular Building Wrapped In Air Tightness Membrane

An air tightness membrane is wrapped around the entirety of our buildings. This membrane allows the building to breathe and prevents problems associated with moisture and condensation, but also prevents the loss of heat through escaped air. 

Fully wrapping our building means that insulation is applies without any gaps or seams that can be present in traditionally constructed buildings. This airtight design is what makes our insulation system so comprehensive, ensuring that warm air can not escape through the cracks at joints or other connections. 

This air tightness is especially effective in area prone to cold bridging such as around windows, doors and joints between sections. In addition to the air tight membrane air tightness is achieved due to the incredibly tight fit made possible with Light Gauge Steel Frames.

Not everyone has the same needs for a home, and all public spaces should be accessible to everyone. We offer solutions to ensure acessiblity and keep our designs inclusive as possible

Light Gauge Steel provides us with unbeatable design flexibility, sustainability and reliability. 

Build Your Vision

At Metal Frame Construction we have extensive experience with residential, commercial and public builds. So if you have a project in mind don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. 

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