Modern Building Technology

We are only able to do what we do by utilizing modern building technology and methods. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of industry technology. This is how we developed our production processes and our belief in modular construction and Light Gauge Steel Framing. Employing these technologies, and understanding how to best leverage their advantages is what allows us to create more affordable, sustainable and lower lead time builds.

Light Gauge Steel Technology

Light gauge steel is a construction material made from thin sheets of steel. It is perfect for use as a framing material in buildings due to its lightweight, high strength, and durability. Our steel is galvanized or coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and rust. This ensures that all of the structures we build can stand up to regular harsh weather conditions.

Overall, light gauge steel is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials such as wood and concrete. Its strength, durability, and versatility make it an ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects.

We have used Light Gauge Steel for all kinds of projects, from residential, apartment and industrial builds. Working closely with our clients each time to ensure we use the versatility of Light Gauge Steel to bring their vision to life.

Cladding & Rendering

Cladding and rendering allow you to have a steel frame house in nearly any finish you like. Putting the right aesthetic finish on your build is important to turn your house into a home or to let your commercial outlet match the local architecture. 

We offer a wide range of cladding options from a simple plaster finish to natural stone, brick and even timber finishes. So you can be sure you’ll find the right finish to match your sensibilities. 

Cladding isn’t just aesthetic though. It provides an extra layer of protection against the elements and the wear and tear of everyday life. Increases the insulating ability of the house. Even aides in soundproofing. Cladding helps mak your building more economical and eco-friendly

Green Energy Technology

In keeping with our mission to create a greener construction industry, we offer optional green energy technology on all of our builds. 

Installing PV panels on your build will decrease your carbon emissions and energy costs. Allowing you to be less reliant on gas and oil and price fluctuations. 

However, for smaller projects our technology allows for such high energy efficiency that solar panels are of less benefit to single homes. Industrial, commercial and large residential builds are better suited to benefit from the installation of solar panels.

Heating & Ventilation

We offer a range of heating solutions in our builds. This includes gas, oil and electric heating that all come with their own pros and cons. To comply with Net Zero Energy Building Regulations these heating systems must be paired with PV panels. 

If you don’t wish to use PV panels you can opt for a heat pump instead. Heat pumps offer an eco friendly and cost effective solution to keeping your home or business comfortable. 

Our builds also make use of heat return ventilation (HRV). HRV allows us to improve air quality and keep the heat and humidity of your build at a comfortable level.

Accessibility Solutions

Everyone’s needs are different and buildings need to be designed to reflect the needs of it’s occupants. Whether you or a loved one needs accessibility solutions in your home, or you want to make sure your commercial property is as accessible as possible we’re here to help.

We design all of our bathrooms with enough clearance to ensure wheelchair accessibility. We also keep all of our storage at an accessible height for everyone, keeping clear visibility at all times. 

If you need any additional features such as low threshold doors, grab bars or adjustments to our standard design, let up know and we’ll accommodate you.


We use modern and effective insulation solutions in our builds, ensuring you keep warm and comfortable any time of year. On top of this our comprehensive insulation system provides protection from moisture and noise.

Both Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Volcanic Rockwool are used in out insulation systems. Both of these materials offer fantastic insulating properties as well as other benefits.

A standard part of our insulation system is an air tight membrane. By using this membrane we are able to achieve low U values and high thermal efficiency. The membrane wraps around our frame and allows for breathability while also blocking any moisture from penetrating. Our comprehensive insulation system means you can keep your home or premises the perfect temperature throughout the entire year.