Renewable Energy Usage

We employ renewable energy technologies to ensure that our carbon emissions- stay as low as possible throughout the lifespan of all of our builds and to ensure compliance with building regulations. This comes in the form of renewable energy supplies for our clients and low-energy appliances. Aiding this is our energy and thermally efficient designs, so you need even less energy for the same quality of life. 

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

We ensure that our builds not only meet but exceed the requirements of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs). By creating buildings with incredibly high thermal and energy efficiency, and including low-energy appliances/renewable energy sources, we can exceed regulations and future-proof our builds.

What are nZEBs?

NZEBs are buildings defined by incredibly low energy usage and increased usage of renewable energy. To meet NZEB standards a building should require very low amounts, or nearly zero, of energy and have a significant portion of its energy usage covered by onsite or nearby renewable energy sources.

As of 2020, all new builds in Ireland are required to meet NZEB standards. We strongly encourage existing builds to consider improving their energy performance and maximising their use of renewable energy sources. Doing so doesn’t only keep your building within regulations but also saves you money and more importantly lowers your carbon footprint. 

To comply with NZEB standards non-domestic buildings must meet a “60% improvement in energy performance on the 2008 Building Regulations” and must also use renewable energy to provide 20% of their primary energy usage. A non-domestic building can meet regulations using less renewable energy if its energy efficiency exceeds regulation.

Domestic buildings must meet an improvement of 25% on 2011 regulations as well as ” a Maximum Energy Performance Coefficient of 0.3, a Maximum Carbon Performance of 0.35 and a renewable Energy Ratio of 20%.”.

Both domestic and non-domestic building undergoing major renovations must improve their buildings to the cost-optimal level.

NZEB at Metal Frame Construction

At MFC we don’t only meet regulations, we exceed them. Because all of our builds are bespoke we will work with you to reach the level of energy efficiency you need. This starts from the design phase.  By making use of as much natural light and heat as possible through strategically placed windows and doors. This lessens the need for both artificial heating and lighting and results in less energy used.

The structure of our buildings greatly improves heat and energy efficiency, with impressive u-values brought on by our comprehensive insulation system. Which you can read more about it here.

Finally, we have a commitment to the use of green technology and renewable energy in our buildings. This not only keeps your carbon emissions and costs down but works toward a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone. 

Renewable Energy Options

We can easily include both PV panels and Heat Pumps in the designs of your build. Both of these options provide you with a great source of sustainable energy in your home. However, we know there are other options out there and if you would like to incorporate a specific technology into your design then we will work with you to make your vision come true.

PV Panels- Renewable Energy Source

Worker Fitting Solar Panel- Renewable Energy Solution

Solar energy has been a cornerstone of renewable energy for a long time, but in recent years it has exploded in popularity for private use.

PV panels convert energy from the sun into electricity which can be used to power your home or business. The biggest factor in how much power can be generated is the surface area of the solar panels.  The more area they take up the more energy they create. Our flat roof designs make the installation of a large surface area of solar panels a simple task.

While it’s true solar panels are most efficient in direct sunlight, they will still continue to produce energy on overcast days. As a general rule of thumb if the sun is casting shadows your solar panels are producing electricity. 

Solar panels work best when they are kept cool, which means the Irish climate is better for solar panels that you might assume. The wind and temperate climate help keep the panels producing electricity efficiently, even if cloud coverage slightly reduces the energy produced.

While solar panels are a fantastic addition to a building it is worth noting that the savings from solar panels decreased as the energy efficiency of a building increases. For some builds solar panels may be a less economical choice than a heat pump. 

Using oil, gas, or electric heating instead of a heat pump will necessitate the use of solar panels to comply with regulations. 


Heat Pump- Renewable Energy Heating System

Heat Pump- Renewable Energy Air Conditioning System

Heat pumps are an increasingly common choice in Irish builds. They are a fantastic choice for NZEBs because they produce zero on-site carbon emissions.

Heat Pumps extract heat from the surrounding air via refrigerant and compresses it. The process of compression generates energy which heats the refrigerant and send it through an internal coil. The coil is heated by the refrigerant which in turn heats the air. The transfer of heat cools the refrigerant which is returned to begin the cycle again. The heated air is then pushed out to heat your home. The process also works in reverse for cooling.

Heat Pumps offer not only a cleaner and more cost effective heating methods but also a safer one. Fossil fuel based heating systems release carbon monoxide as a by product of combustion. This means that any leak can be potentially dangerous. A risk that simply doesn’t exist wiht heat pumps. 

The efficiency and energy generation from heat pumps helps to lower your energy costs significantly, without sacrificing any comfort at all. They also count towards renewable energy in NZEB standards. 

To further increase the energy efficiency and BER rating of your property you can also install PV panels, but they are not required unlike with other heating systems. 


Cladding and render help to provide an extra layer of protection from the elements while letting you put your own personal touch on your build. 

We offer a comprehensive range of heating systems to suit any home. Heating & ventilation systems help to keep your home clean, comfortable and safe year round. 

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