We Use Modern Methods of construction to build a better industry

No Limits To What We Can Build

Using Modern Methods Of Construction and Light Gauge Steel Frames means that the only limit to what we can build is your imagination. With your specifications in mind, our engineers begin by creating a detailed design to build from. 

One of Light Gauge Steels’ greatest advantages is its flexibility allowing it to be easily used for builds that more traditional materials would struggle with. This means there is a lot more freedom in design while still remaining a lower cost and faster construction method. 

Whether you are building a home, store or school, we work closely with you to achieve your vision. We will continue to work with your architects and engineers throughout the entire process ensuring a consistent level of quality throughout the project.

What Are modern methods of construction?

Modern Methods of Construction usually mean any construction method where most of a building “envelope” is constructed off-site in a facility rather than on-site brick and mortar construction. There are exceptions to this such as 3D-printed houses which are still constructed on-site, but most MMCs happen off-site. 

Off-site construction carries a number of benefits. As they are typically built in factory-controlled conditions, MMCs allow for more accurate and quicker builds that aren’t affected by bad weather or public constraints. By building off-site we are also able to limit noise and air pollution in the construction area and minimise ecological displacement. 

We specialise in using Light Gauge Steel for Metal Frame Construction. This allows us to have very low lead times, with durable, weather resistant and energy efficient building.

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Creating A Frame Using Modern Methods of Construction

Once the design process is finalised and everything is ready we start all of our builds by creating a LGS frame. This frame functions as the skeleton of your project. 

All of the steel we use is rolled, formed and welded at our purpose built facility. This allows us -and you- an unbeatable degree of freedom in the size, shape and versatility of our building designs.

These lightweight frames are attached and secured using screws. This allows us to limit the amount of onsite work and heavy machinery needed to bring your vision to life. 

The metal frame is the cornerstone of our building processes. It allows us to create quality modular buildings with the same degree of precision every time.

Insulating The Build

Once the frame is completed it’s time for us to insulate the build. On the internal walls, we use a layer of plasterboard and on the externals, we use rigid board insulation. Both of these aspects sandwich mineral wool or spray foam, which fills the gaps between the steel studs of the frame. 

Everything together creates an envelope around the frame. The insulation wraps around the entirety of the frame making it completely airtight and eliminating cold brisged.

This results in a much more energy-efficient building. Our builds stay warm in the winter and heat much more quickly. That means you pay less to keep your building comfortable and lower your carbon footprint at the same time. 

Cladding or render

We finish off your build by adding cladding to the outside or applying a render. Both options provide the building with extra protection against the elements ensuring a long lasting structure.

These options also let you give your building the right aesthetic finish. Virtually any cladding can be attached to our structures using steel fastens. Allowing you to have a classic style of building with a natural stone finish using Modern Methods of Construction.

While render is available in a full range of colours and can be painted over in the future, cladding is a very popular option. We are able to provide everything from plaster finishes to red brick and wood. So you can be certain of having a build that matches your aesthetic taste. 

Build Your Vision

At Metal Frame Construction we have extensive experience with residential, commercial and public builds. So if you have a project in mind don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch. 

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